I'm a trained interior designer and passionate photographer with a professional background in digital communications and content management. 
I come from a very diverse background, having lived in Angola, Portugal, Namibia, Australia and the UK where I've had the opportunity to experience unique cultures. I feel I'm all these places combined and my work is often influenced by travel. I love experiencing new cultures- its food, art, design, landscapes and cultural perspectives.
My academic background lies in architecture, I love combined function and design but I've always been passionate about storytelling. I've worked in multidisciplinary platforms within creative photography, ethical fashion, interior design and social strategy & content management.
I can demonstrate my creative ability to understand a brand, being able to follow the creative process, from concept to execution and I understand how we occupy complex interior spaces. This includes curating content, in-depth research, planning & scheduling social calendar, copy-editing & copy-writing and data analysis. Above all I pride myself on having good common sense and understanding that every problem has a solution.

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